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About Us  
  About us
Shenzhen Insulation Technology Co.,Ltd is a service-oriented technology development
enterprise engaged in insulating materials & machinery industry, which business includes :
1.  Product research & related business development:
Enameled wire lubricants ( can also be used to lubricate tinned wire or fiber ),  anti-
rust lubricant for silicon steel sheet ( transformer's iron core),  anti-rust oil for electrical
copper insulation material, impregnating varnish.  Among which,  the enameled wire
lubricants' performance surpasses the products' from Italy or Taiwan, such as lubricity,
solubility, environmental protection and less coated quantity per unit area.  They are
mass used by more than 30 factories in Zhejiang, Jiangshu, Hunan, Hubei, Fujian, Guang-
dong, and other areas.  The products include refrigerant- resistant types for R12, R22,
R134a, R407, R410, etc. 
2.  To promote our technology research & development, we set up a material
trading subsidiary supplying spare parts of pump or compressor.
( Produced by professional Europe or U.S. factory. )
3.  Technology transfer, consultation and training service:
a)  Magnet Wire (enameled wire, silk or film packed wire)
b)  Electrical insulation.    
Our engineers have mature experience in setting up large enameled wire plant :  Accomplish import, debugging and successful production of Austrian & German magnet wire production line.
We can provide the full project service including setting up new plant, upgrading equipment, installation & commission, process improvement, product development & production, training to technical staff.  
To promote the related industry, we friendly offer a large number technical literatures on magnet wire, insulation, and fluid machinery maintenance.  The documents will be constantly updated on our web’s Chinese “Insulation Chemical” column.
The performance of our product has surpassed imported products' with the leading domestic level. It is an ideal choice to upgrade product technology or replace imported raw materials. Our mainly technical staff & managerial personnel come from large state-owned company or foreign-funded enterprise with higher level of expertise and management; R & D personnel have senior titles ( win national model worker award, provincial and municipal science and technology progress award ).
Purpose :   Quality, Honesty; Boost the Development of Related Trades.
Advocate:   Unite, Cooperate, Efficient & Accurate;
Learn at Work, Strive to Continual Innovation.

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